Monday, January 4, 2016

New year, new plans

Probably the biggest excitement for me when starting the new year is the 2016 Challenge List for the Historical Sew Monthly Challenge. (I know, sad life!) I am more of a planner than a doer, I know. Getting that list of topics for sewing starts me on a binge of sorting through my fabric stash and searching for patterns. My computer is bulging with inspiration. Now let's see how many actual garments I produce...

January is "Procrastination", meaning I've got to do something I've put off and put off and put off. And that means corsets or stays. I really avoid doing them because of the fitting problems, but you can't wear the clothes without the proper shape underneath. Fortunately, I came across this great German costuming site (also in English) Kleidung um 1800 that has some excellent patterns for early 1800s short stays. I plan to make one wrap-style undergarment and one with back lacing. These stays have no or minimal boning. Sabine digs out all sorts of excellent documentation, clear patterns, and a step-by-step tutorial. 

I've got the pieces cut out, so that's a start. Keep it up, girl!

Sabine's wrap stays with no boning

Sabine's laced stays - so simple!

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