Sunday, November 15, 2015

Find That Elf!

Back around 1980, I was visiting a friend whose family came from Denmark. On her wall was the most charming piece of needlework done in counted cross stitch. She said it was a gift from her aunt and illustrated a popular Danish children's rhyme, En Lille Nisse Rejste  (A Little Elf Went Traveling). 

A little elf went traveling
By express train, from land to land.
His aim to to meet 
The world's biggest man.

He came to the Great Mughal,
Where the giant cabbages grow,
But despite his effort, 
No one was so big.

So he went down to the sea
And looked at the clear water;
Then he smiled, for there before him
Was the biggest man in the world.

I often thought of that cross stitch pattern over the years and wished I could find it to do myself. Recently, I googled it again and, lo and behold! It was there, but crammed into a photo with a tea cup and other things. With way too much effort, I managed to transpose the whole thing on to graph paper digitally. Now to actually stitch it! Since that may never happen, I will post this around so others can enjoy it.

Because the pattern is so large, I've divided it up into sections. They do overlap, so take that into consideration.

Here's the tune, if you're interested.

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