Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Showing off my undies!

Thank heavens, the Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge has now become a Monthly Challenge, giving us much-needed time to actually complete projects! As the January challenge was for undergarments, I kinda went overboard on my 1830s theme and made almost a whole set. 

I bought some lurvely lightweight linen from the wonderful Their fabric is very reasonably priced and washes up so soft. I wish I had bought more! 

I am drawing on the patterns in The Workwoman's Guide, a late 1830's publication. The simple patterns are easy to figure out and work so much better for me and my workaday wardrobe, as opposed to the fancy formal clothes in other books I have. First I made a shift. I'd like to make a lighter one later on, or a petticoat with an attached sleeveless bodice.

A page from the Workwoman's Guide

Next came the petticoat. I corded a few rows around the bottom for a bit of shape and added a crocheted edging. The waistband has a tape through it and ties in the back.

I made a nice pair of drawers from the WG, which I don't have a photo of, as split drawers are not easy to display, and I'm sure not going to model them for you! They look something like these, without the edging.

I had enough linen scraps to make a pair of sleeve puffs to fill out the absurdly puffy sleeves of the 1830s. I must give credit to my four goosies who gave up their lives and their feathers. I did miss them when they were gone, but they have been delicious so far. I salvaged a large trash bag of down and small feathers. A very messy job, sorting down! I used this pattern.

Here are the geese, spying on me, as they loved to do.
Ever feel like you're being watched?
I did begin a corset, but haven't finished it. And probably won't. I need more help with fitting and the fabric I used was too thick for hand-sewing. I did have to laugh. I tried it on, wearing a pair of loose pajama bottoms. I tighted the spiral back laces, and whoops!, my pants fell to the floor. Those things really do alter one's figure!

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