Tuesday, May 6, 2014

HSFC #7 Tops and Toes

I've had these finished stockings lying around for a few weeks now and it's time to get them on the blog! I saw some pictures of painted ladies' stockings from the early 1920s and thought, "I can do that!" I had scads of acrylic craft paint and several pairs of knees-highs. I had to order some fabric paint medium to make the craft paint more flexible, but JoAnn online had a $1 shipping offer, which is much better than driving 50 miles to the nearest fabric or craft store.

Here are some photos of women getting their stockings painted right on their legs! I can only imagine they must have had to wear the stockings until the paint dried, and they didn't use quick-drying acrylics in those days. Of course the paint went right through to their legs. 

These stockings actually came painted.

I followed this tutorial on Burda Style and it worked quite well. I used wine bottles to stretch the stockings during the painting process. Why not give it a try?

Historical Fortnightly Challenge

Date: April 15
Object: Painted 1920s stockings
The Challenge: Tops & Toes
Fabric: Nylon, acrylic paint
Pattern: Daisy stencil pattern, printed from internet
Year: c. 1920-1923
Notions: none
How historically accurate is it? In concept, 100%. Materials, 0%. Stockings would have been silk and thigh-high. Paint would have been oil-based.
Hours to complete: 1
First worn: Only for the photo!

Total cost: 50 cents for stockings (sale), paint and brush on hand, small amount of fabric medium ($1.20 per bottle).

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