Monday, February 24, 2014

Life Cuts Into Sewing Time

I was so pumped up about my pink little girl's dress, but have had to put it  on the back burner for awhile. For one thing, sewing that slippery silk was maddening. I was making all those ruffles by hand and as things went on, I began to look at the whole thing as a hideous mess. That means it's time to step back. 

Also, I leave for a trip to England next week and it's better to be prepared for that and come back to a clean house. My dear Dad, with whom I live, turns 90 in March and he has decided to celebrate with what he says is his last trip to the old country. Dad's family emigrated from England to the US in 1916, halfway through the births of nine children. He was born in the US, being the 8th child, but his family kept strong ties to the family across the Pond. In their retirement, Mom and Dad made frequent trips, making new friends while they visited the old. I'm quite excited about the adventure, as I haven't been in on these visits, and realize I'm probably the one who will keep up the connection to the Barclay tribe on the other side. 

The Historical Sew Fortnightly Challenge has "Under It All" and "Bodice" coming up shortly, and those are things I need greatly. I've got things going in that direction, but am having endless trouble with fitting. I really, really need a dressmaker's form, and the money to buy one. A couple of years ago, I tried the duct tape method and it ended up being one big bag of duct tape. It was firmly stuffed with heavy sweaters, but still sagged and stretched. Out in the trash! I make my own patterns and I'm beginning to wonder if I've lost my knack. It really does sound like it's time to step away from the sewing machine for a bit. 

I've discovered an entertaining sewing blog called The New Vintage Lady. Shelley is a talented artist who resizes patterns from the 1930s and 1940s for the Plus Size Lady. I hate to admit that I have become one of them, but thank goodness for Shelley! I am really tempted by this pattern from her Etsy shop. Very versatile pattern!

Late 1910s blouse in a 46 bust!

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